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Why Immersive Experiences are Important

  • Your perspective will change, and your awareness will increase as you understand better how we are all one world, a global community.

  • By being submersed in the culture, you will be able to assimilate the language easier because it will have more meaning, and you will better understand the nuances of the language and culture.

  • You will better understand the importance of learning and speaking a foreign language, as well experiencing and understanding other cultures at a deeper level.

  • Experiencing history first-hand provides you with an expanded world view making you a more cultured person.

  • The knowledge you gain from studying abroad will help you raise your test scores and increase you right-brain activity.

  • Your college resume will attract attention and help it stand apart from others when you state you studied and lived abroad.

  • You will understand why it is integral to your future to have a global perspective and an awareness of how we are all connected to the world around us.