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Conexus Consortium




All of Conexus Consortium members are experienced at studying, living, and traveling abroad. We know first-hand how a successful immersive experience impacts you in unique and positive ways. Join us as we share our expertise on how to connect with others on a global level.

  • Experienced Educators and Professionals

  • International, Multilingual Team 

  • Programs Designed and Led by Immersive Experience Experts


What’s Your Passion?

If you have a passion to share, come join The CONEXUS Consortium!

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CEO and President

The Mind, Heart, and Soul of Conexus

My whole life since age five has been about learning languages and studying abroad.  I was blessed with a father who instilled the importance of connecting globally with others through language and culture.  His legacy continues today with his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 

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Key Conexus Consortium Members:



I first came to Spain when I was just 12 years old and instantly fell in love with its history and people, and, of course, the food. As the years progressed, my fascination with the country grew more and more profound. Thanks to that experience I not only am bilingual, but it also awakened a cultural curiosity that has driven me to travel extensively, and study and live abroad.  I now live in Salamanca, Spai.

Note from Alina: Kati is a veteran English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher and shares her passion for the culinary arts with study abroad students. 



At age ten, a trip to Salamanca, Spain changed the course of my future. It later turned out to be the place where I would study art history at the university to fulfill my dream of becoming a professional guitarist. As a student member of La Tuna I learned about teamwork and experienced many new adventures while traveling the world to learn about different cultures. I enjoy helping others discover music.   

Note from Alina: Nano is a veteran music teacher, and performer of classical, tuna, and rociero Spanish music.



My name is Austin and I am from the United States. I am passionate about nature and the great outdoors. My other great passion is travel. I love interacting with people from other cultures and seeing the human identity in action. 

Note from Alina: Austin is a practicing psychologist and an avid globetrotter.  He specializes in outdoor adventures and mountain climbing programs in Peru and the USA.



¡Hola! I’m Nachété and I’m delighted to share unique experiences of the ancient Americas. Join me as we discover subterranean cities, savor exciting Meso-American flavors, see places frozen in time, dance to rhythmic drums, enjoy pre-Hispanic thermal baths, and climb the mountains of royal families. Come and enjoy a new perspective on history…Nothing will ever be the same!

Note from Alina: Nachété is based in Mexico City and speaks several languages. He is also an experienced yoga instructor.



Javier is a veteran middle school teacher with over 30 years experience. He holds a National Level Basketball Coach title and is the founder and director of soccer training camps in Spain for children and teens.

Note from Alina: Javier collaborates with us on all Spain-USA Immersive Programs.

Come share your passion and join the CONEXUS Consortium!

I love helping others develop their programs to share with others.

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