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Our CONEXUS METHOD results in successful experiences while abroad.  Our uniquely designed techniques and tools, and personalized attention are appreciated by our students, parents, schools, and educators alike.  

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In Spain –Since 1970 (26 consecutive years since 1996)
In Costa Rica since 1985
In Puerto Vallarta since 2004

Key Destination Descriptions



Salamanca:  Student friendly collegiate town, medieval streets, legendary university of kings and explorers since 1218, sculpted buildings, the Golden City.

Granada and Madrid:  Sacred and cultural meccas, UNESCO World Heritages sites, top masterpieces of the world, Quixote, tablao, tapas


Puerto Vallarta: Voted as 8th Best World Destination and remarkably friendly town by Conde Nast readers, is located on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Its cobblestone streets, stunning beaches, outdoor adventures, marine life, delicious Mexican food, and Huichol art add to the charm of this favorite destination. 


Cusco (Cuzco/Qosqo) Peru:  Historic capital of Peru, UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located at 3.400 m (11,200 ft) in the Andes. Perfect starting point to visit Old Incan Empire sites and engage in outdoor activities.



San Jose/Jacó (Costa Rica): Pure air, a country devoted to nature, rainforest animals up close, tropicals drinks.



Lush green pastures, nature’s beauty, hearty breakfasts, Celtic music and dance, kind and friendly people.



Tours and La Touraine: The heart of hearts, province of fairy tale castles, the French language perfected.

Paris: Picturesque aesthetic perfection on the banks of the Seine, romantic walks, Impressionist aficionado's dream, Mona Lisa's smile

Bordeaux/St. Emilion/Aracachon: Subterranean monuments, Medieval dunes, beach



Come learn about the world in one country! Made up of every culture, ethnic group, and race of the world, this is the true “American”. Savor food from around the world, diverse music, and see first-hand this “land of opportunity”.