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For Parents



A Priceless Investment in Your Child’s Future 

Conexus understands the importance of global competency. Children who have learned these skills and behaviors will thrive in our diverse interconnected world. They will see different global viewpoints, be open and flexible to change, and can solve problems and offer solutions from multiple perspectives.  

Studying abroad, being immersed in a culture, connecting with other cultures through history, the arts, and sports, your children will have an advantage.  In fact, the earlier and more frequently they can have immersive experiences, the more prepared they will be for college and their careers.  

Our alumni students and parents have commented how the students returned home more mature, responsible, and independent.  Many have shared how their immersive experience abroad made transitioning to college much easier compared to students without immersive experience abroad who were stressed and had difficulty adjusting. See what our parents and students say about this.  (link to Reviews).

We are international educators and professionals, many of us parents and grandparents, with expertise in successful immersive experiences abroad for all ages 5-85.  We are passionate about sharing these skills with others. We will guide your children towards acquiring these valuable skills. Students will naturally grow up with a love of connecting with others, as well as having fun learning. 


Safety with Conexus

Our programs are:

  • Located in manageable towns and cities that are pro-student

  • Situated in safe, low crime areas

  • Run by a multi-lingual team of educators available 24/7/365

  • Led educators with firsthand expertise in immersive experiences

  • Monitored by experienced educators of elementary through college student 


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