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Our Purpose

Our Mission 

To provide engaging, personalized, immersive experiences that create awareness and connect people at a global level.


Our Vision

To guide others toward human connection at a global level.

Our Story


“I lost my country, but gained the world.” – Alina 

Passion for traveling and studying abroad began at age five upon leaving Cuba on the last Red Cross boat in 1963- without knowing a word of English.



A Father’s Passion:  Learn another language, study abroad, travel! 

Our father's new mission and dream were put into place. Learning a new language and studying abroad every 2-3 years was life growing up. All the children became multi-lingual and traveled the world extensively. 




In 1969, we began our first of many immersive experiences taking teachers, university students, professors, and families to study abroad in Spain and travel throughout Europe, and then later venturing to Latin America.



Something was missing...

Alina developed and managed busloads of middle/high school/college students and professors, setting up language schools, contracting teachers, finding dorms and host families, and guiding tours around Spain and Europe.  But something was missing.



It was obvious!

We wanted to offer better quality programs with more personalized attention to enhance the students’ immersive experience in a far deeper way by connecting with others around the world. 

Our founder, Dr. Gastón F. Fernández de la Torriente, wife Ketty, and Alina established the parent company, FTA International, Inc. in Florida. Soon afterward, his granddaughter, Kati, joined the team.



Branding Our Organization

After our founder's passing, we decided to rebrand our organization as Conexus International. The original brand logo captured the essence of our organization: international educators passionate about connecting people at a global level through immersive experiences abroad. 

  • The sphere/globe is an ancient Tibetan symbol denoting universe, travel, learning, and teaching

  • “C is for CONEXUS:   Connection, together



Exciting Expansion

With an updated website and new logo, we are delighted about our new projects and upcoming programs soon to be unveiled.


Future of Conexus

Now the great-grandchildren are in training: Bryna and Arlow!