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Conexus Signature Programs 

Language & Culture
Study Abroad

Our experienced, master language educators know the importance of solid language programs that help you move ahead. Studying abroad immerses you in the culture making it easier to learn the language and have fun at the same time. 

We specialize in:

Standard-dialect of the target language (purest form known by linguists)
Safe, pro-student locations   
Solid internationally acclaimed curriculum in accredited schools 
Conversationally focused, interactive, real-life practice 
Experienced, fun teachers (native speakers), certified and cleared

All our language programs include:

All levels (Beginner through Fluency, & native speakers)
Placement test, class registration & tuition, books/materials
Certificate and college transcript (where applicable)
Room and Board (experienced/screened host families, dorm, or apartment)
Orientation Meetings (before departure/upon arrival)
Welcome/Get-together & Farewell
Cultural Program (culture-specific)
Free Wi-Fi/Internet on campus, dorm, and homestay

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Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru

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United States of America (USA), Ireland

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Paris, Bordeaux, Tours

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Spanish Language & Culture



Why Learn Spanish?

Spanish is the second more spoken language in the world, in over 20 countries, and it is the second most spoken language in the USA.

Learning Spanish will help you in many ways, including:

  • Meeting more people, make more friends, network better

  • Enhancing your resume whether for college or career

  • Increasing your chances for a better job and better pay

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Spanish Language Programs


Spanish Language Key Destinations

Salamanca: A pro-student town, medieval streets, legendary university of kings and explorers since 1218, breathtaking Plaza Mayor, famous for tapas and home of serrano ham (pata negra), a cultural mecca of Spain, Cultural City of Europe.

Puerto Vallarta: Voted as 8th Best World Destination and remarkably friendly town by Conde Nast readers, is located on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Its cobblestone streets, stunning beaches, outdoor adventures, marine life, delicious Mexican food, and Huichol art add to the charm of this favorite destination. 

Cusco: (Cuzco/Qosqo), historic capital of Peru, UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located at 3.400 m (11,200 ft) in the Andes. Perfect starting point to visit Old Incan Empire sites and engage in outdoor activities.

Costa Rica: Pure air, a entire country devoted to nature and the environment. Rainforest animals, outdoor adventures, and volcanic thermal spas. Friendly, polite people. Tropical fruit.

Other locations available

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English Language Study Abroad

USA and Ireland


Killarney, Cork, Dublin

Lush green landscapes, friendly people, Celtic music, forest fairies, Irish breakfast, afternoon high tea, majestic coastlines.

Ages 5 through adults, and families

Transportation in Ireland, to/from the host family, classes, and activities
15 hours/week minimum of class
15 hours/week Cultural Program in English (afternoons and Saturdays)
Irish dance, art/music, tours, age appropriate
1:10 Teacher/Student ratio
Morning classes (10-1) with breaks
Experienced and screened host families, full room and board (or apartments for adults/families)

Sports: Rugby, golf, soccer, horseback riding

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Washington, D.C. 

Dallas, Texas

Experience the melting pot, land of opportunity for all people, savor food from around the world, learn first-hand about the "real" America. Learn American Business English, connect with American families, meet American teens. 

With New York City Excursion

All levels (A2-fluency)
Experienced host families, full room and board
Cultural activities with host families
Cultural/Historical tours with program directors

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Miami/South Beach, Florida:  Art deco, beautiful beaches, chef eateries, outdoor cafes.

New York City:  Amazing museum, Broadway, the world at your feet.

Two Week Study (45 hours)

Three Week Study Program (65 hours)

Maximum number of students per class: 15 

Stay in residence/hotel with cooking and cleaning (Homestay Family-optional)

Flexible Schedules (morning or afternoons) 

Enhancements: TOEFL and Cambridge Exam Preparation

Accredited by ACCET/Authorized University of Cambridge Prep


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French Language Study Abroad

La Touraine: Heart of France, fairy tale castles, the French language perfected

Paris:  Aesthetic perfection, culinary delights, history and art, Mona Lisa's smile

Bordeaux: Subterranean monuments, medieval dunes, beach, vineyards


  • Classes are Monday-Friday: 9 AM– 1 PM (with breaks)

  • Conversation/Grammar (Reading/Writing-Intermediate/Advanced)

  • Teacher/Student Average Ratio:  1:10 (16 Maximum)

  • 20 hours/week

  • Demi-Room/Board (Breakfast/Dinner) in Family Pension*

  • Cultural Activities included: Walking historical and architectural tours, social events, French food, etc.) 


Extensive French: 2-4 pm (8 hours/week)

Individual/Small Group Conversation Classes

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  • What will my room be like?

    • Most rooms are of double occupancy although single occupancy is available for a small surcharge. The rooms are simple with a desk, chair, a single-size bed, and a closet or armoire for personal belongings.

  • How will I get around?
    • Housing is typically walking distance. When we sightsee, transportation is typically included, but once we arrive, we will mostly get around by walking since many sites cannot be accessed by bus. We highly recommend good walking shoes.

  • How about the food?

    • All the programs provide a nutritious and varied diet. A continental-style breakfast is common in most countries consisting of coffee, tea, milk, or hot chocolate with crackers, bread or sometimes cereal. Lunch is typically the largest meal of the day in Spain and Mexico with the evening meal being lighter but filling as well. In some countries, such as France and Costa Rica, only breakfast and dinner are served, but the evening meal is plentiful. In Mexico and Peru, you will find more indigenous foods and in the Caribbean areas a Creole influence which is a mix of New World and Old World (Spain, France, Italy, etc.) sometimes with a west African element. 

      Special requests due to health or religious reasons will be accommodated. Please note this on your registration form.

  • What should I take?
    • Once you are registered you will receive a detailed checklist of What to Pack? specifically tailored to the time of year and your destination. 

  • What will my day be like?

    • Most students begin classes at nine or ten o’clock in the morning. Students will be in class until one or two o’clock in the afternoon. Most classes last three to four hours with one or two breaks so that students and teachers can get a snack or drink around town. After class, students return to home to eat, relax, and spend some free time touring the area.  Since many businesses close from two until five o’clock, this is a good time for a “siesta” as well. Sometimes there will be planned cultural activities or social outings in the afternoons. Student usually return home for the evening meal which varies depending on the culture and the family. 

      NOTE:  Every student receives a detailed Orientation and Handbook tailored to the location they will visit.  It is full of tips and practical information including cultural differences to make your transition easier.  Students and parents will have all their questions and concerns addressed.  

  • What if I get sick?
    • Whether you stay with a host family, or dorm, you will have someone to help you, but we also have CONEXUS representatives available 24-7 ON SITE. All students are required to have traveler/health/cancellation insurance.  We will help you find the best medical attention make sure you get help. At the end of the program, your insurance company will reimburse you. 

  • How much luggage can I take?

    • We strongly advise only ONE check-through piece of luggage (preferably 25-26 inches maximum) with rollers, PLUS a carry-on with rollers. As your personal item, you may take a normal-sized backpack. If you want to take a purse or messenger bag make sure that you can strap it across your body.  We will help you get organized with our What to Pack Checklist.  Make sure you can always manage and carry all your bags by yourself.  Once you register, you will get organization tips and handouts tailored to your program. 

  • What important papers do I need?
    • You will need a current passport that has an expiration date at least six months beyond your date of your return home. A driver’s license, or other photo identification card with photo and your date of birth, are handy so that you are not always carrying your passport. Most times, once you are in the study abroad country, a copy of the picture page of your passport and a picture ID will suffice.