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One of the best ways to connect with others is by extending a helping hand and heart.   You can add Voluntourism to any of our programs, whether studying abroad, a cultural immersion (no studying), or an internship: 

If you are planning a trip longer than three months, then visit our Gap Program and Visa Assistance page. Here are some of our volunteer opportunities:

  • Orphanages and Schools

  • Developmentally-Challenged Teens (Cerebral Palsy)

  • Indigenous Tribes

  • Building Homes

  • Teaching English


Internships are for stays over a three-month period, semester, or academic year, depending which program you are interested in, and require a visa as part of the application. If you are interested in a Conexus Internship, please let us know a minimum of three months beforehand.   Find out more about the Visa process here include a link

  • Sea Turtle Research and Preservation

  • Environmental Internships/Clean Energy Production)

  • Rainforest Animal Research and Preservation

  • Medical/Health

  • Culinary Arts

For more information, please email us.  

We can also set up a Discovery Call