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Where do I start?


Why are Immersive Experiences Important?

Every Immersive Experience: 

  • Changes your perspective and creates an awareness that enhances your understanding of our global community and how we are interdependent for our survival.

  • Provides a practical, real opportunity to integrate this awareness and better understand why it is integral to our future to be globally competent in today’s world.

  • More reasons Why Immersive Experiences are Important?

What is Global Competency?

Globally competent people have acquired skills and behaviors that prepare them to thrive in our increasingly diverse interconnected world. They are comfortable and open to change, easily comprehend global viewpoints, and solve problems by assessing the situation offering different ideas and solutions from multiple perspectives.

What is an Immersive Experience?


It can be many things, including:

  • Studying abroad to perfect a skill or foreign language abroad

  • Volunteering to help others while also traveling to a new place

  • Internships-Get on hands experience for a profession

  • Cultural Exchanges and Cultural Immersions (no language study)

  • Sports and Camps Abroad (with or without study)

  • Gap Programs



Who can do an Immersive Experience?



Pretty much anyone!

  • Ages 5-11, with family/parent (for studying languages)

  • Ages 12 and above guided by our experienced team

  • College students

  • Teachers, professionals

  • Families

  • Retirees

What do I need to do?

1. Preliminary Contact (via email, call, and/or Zoom), free consultation.

2. Follow-up Meeting to review our recommendations and options to finalize your program. 

3. Review your program, Register, and Receive our Conexus’ Welcome Packet to help you organize.  (Culture-specific handbook, What to Pack? checkoff list, and more) 

4. Orientation and Pre-Departure Check

5. Ongoing Communication and Contact throughout your program



We know the value of having a positive, memorable Immersive Experience, yet there are many factors to consider to make it a successful one.  We are here to guide you along the way.

We will...

  • Never pressure you

  • Recommend various options and programs based on our preliminary conversation

  • Work with you to make sure that we find the right fit, and best program for you

  • Make sure that you are comfortable with your decision

  • Make ourselves available and prepare you as much as possible before their trip

Make your Immersive Experience count!


What do I need to do?

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you can book your Free Personalized Assessment And Consultation Call with us.

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