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Why Conexus?


Why we care about Immersive Experiences

An Immersive Experience is more than just traveling. 

When one takes a trip, no matter the length, we are mostly spectators. 

When we engage in a culture, try to speak their language, savor their food, sing, and dance to their music, then we begin to perceive nuances that help us understand and connect with them at a soul level.  

THAT is an Immersive Experience.

When we discover that we have the same desires and wants:.. be happy

... to feel we belong.

We see the beautiful connections being made by our participants during their immersive experiences.

Guiding others in discovering the innate human values we all share, connecting at that heart level, is why we care about quality Immersive Experiences. 


How do we stand out from others?

Our founder always said: “We are not a business”.

We are not about the numbers, busloads of participants. (Been there. Done that. Zero value.) 

We are an established educational and cultural organization consisting of educators with over 50 years of expertise in guiding others toward enriching, successful, and memorably fun Immersive Experiences. 


We know immersive experiences firsthand, and we are fully aware of the life-long positive impact they have had in our lives.

  • Custom-designed programs, the Right Fit for you

  • Personalized Attention/Personal Representative

  • Time-saving practical organizational tools

  • Multi-lingual staff, onsite 24/7/365, fully present

  • Guided by educators and professionals with extensive, positive immersive experience abroad

  • Orientation Sessions (pre-departure, and upon arrival) for an easy transition into the culture

  • Safe, culturally rich, standard dialect language areas

  • Established Signature Programs, successful and fun

  • International team who knows how to manage our ever-changing global requirements for travel


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